Brazilian Portuguese Expressions for the Holidays

edited December 2016 in Portuguese

December is a good time to review holiday terms and phrases you can use to write greeting cards or idiomatic expressions you may need in conversations. 

Brazil is um país católico, a Catholic country, so o Natal, Christmas is one of its greatest celebrations.

Expressions for Christmas and New Year

The following expressions are more general phrases you can use for spoken or written greetings:

Boas Festas [bowahs FEHStas]– Happy Holidays 

Feliz Natal [FEH leez NAH taoh] – Merry Christmas

Bom Ano Novo [bon ahNOO KNOW voo] – Happy New Year

You can use the following, more formal expressions, in cards:

Espero que você e sua família tenham um Bom NatalI wish you and your family a Merry Christmas;

Desejamos a todos Boas FestasWe wish all of you Happy Holidays

Desejamos um Ano Novo cheio de paz, amor e prosperidadeWe hope your New Year is filled with peace, love and prosperity

Boas Festas e que todos seus sonhos se realizem no Ano NovoHappy Holidays and may all your dreams come true on the New Year

A more traditional greeting used in religious cards or events is: 

Feliz Natal e paz na terra aos homens de boa vontadeMerry Christmas and peace on earth, good will toward men.

Are there any other greetings you can think of?

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