Bad audio discs

edited January 16 in Support
I purchased the Platinum Edition Spanish and half of the audio discs don't work.  Is it possible to download the audio content?  I tried to return the product to Barnes and Noble but they refused the return.  

I hope someone can help me!  I tried to find digital downloads of the audio but I can't find them anywhere on the site.

Out of curiosity why in 2017 does your audio come on CDs when most PCs don't come with the drives any longer and most people don't have CD players, even my new car doesn't have a CD player in it :/  


  • Hi there, Gipper! Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your CDs.

    Please send an email to and they'll help you further. Please include a few more details on the issues you were having with the discs if possible.

    We're working on finding a way to make sure people who purchase the course have access to a digital version of the files should they not have access to a CD player. Stay tuned!
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