How to Use "的 de" in Chinese? (1)

edited April 14 in Chinese

Today, let’s study one of the most important structural
particle “的 dein Chinese.

Noun + + Noun.

Expressing possession. It can be treated as
“-‘s” or “of” in English.

For example:

我们的老师 (wo3 men2 de lao3 shi1): Our teacher.

姐姐的笔 (jie3 jie de bi3): Big sister’s

纽约的天气 (niu3 yue1 de tian1 qi4) The
weather of NY/ New York’s weather.

弟弟的衬衣 (di4 di
de chen4 yi1) Little brother’s shirt.


Adjective + + Noun

Modifying nouns.  We do not use anything in English between adj.
and noun. However, it’s commonly required to add “
between them.

For example:

紫色的花 (zi3 se4 de hua1): Purple flower.

漂亮的妹妹 (piao4 liang4 de mei4 mei): Beautiful
little sister.

美味的北京烤鸭 (mei3 wei4 de bei3 jing1 kao3
ya1): Delicious Beijing Duck.

蓝色的天空 (lan2 se4 de tian1 kong1): Blue

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