Greek Summer

The summer- το καλοκαίρι (to ka-lo-KE-ree)- is the most popular season in Greece. 

The Greek Islands are very high in demand for vacation, weddingσ, and partying!
However, all Greece is surrounded by sea -θάλασσα (THA-la-sa)- and some of the most beautiful beaches- παραλίες (pa-ra-LEE-es) can be found when driving in the mainland. Τhere are παραλίες from the northern - βόρειο (VO-ree-o)- part of Greece to the southern -νότιο (NO-tee-o) part. And from the western -δυτικό (DEE-tee-ko)- to the eastern -ανατολικό (a-na-to-lee-ko) part.

These places are very famous as well, and you will need reservations if you are visiting during August, the highest season of the summer.  

Let's explore some of these places: Σύβοτα, Καρδαμύλη, Λιμένι, Άγιος Ιωάννης Πήλιο. 
Try to find some information and come back with questions!

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