How to Use "的 de" in Chinese? (2)

Today, let's continue to study how to use Chinese particles “的” (de).

3.   Phrase + + Noun

(de) can also be used to attach
whole phrases to nouns. It similarly functions as clause in English
"who" or "that."

For example:

奶奶做的牛肉 (nai3 nai zuo4 de niu2 rou4):
The beef (which is) made by grandma.

不喜欢吃猪肉的哥哥 (bu4 xi3 huan1 chi1 zhu1
rou4 de ge1 ge): Big brother who does not like to eat pork.

去波士顿的火车 (qu4 bo1 shi4 dun4 de huo3
che1): Train that goes to Boston.

爱说话的汤姆 (ai4 shuo1 hua4 de tang1 mu3):
Tom who likes to talk a lot. 

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