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Expressions and Proverbs about the Weather in Portuguese

Now that outono, fall, has arrived in the hemisfério norte, northern hemisphere, it is primavera, spring, in Brazil and other countries in the hemisfério sul, southern hemisphere

But no matter what part of the world you live in, one thing is for sure, once a new estação, season, arrives, everybody starts talking about the tempo, weather. So here are some common expressions in Brazilian Portuguese to help you join in.

Palavras (Words)

calor, heat / chuva, rain / frio, cold / gelo, ice / granizo, hail

inverno, winter / lua, moon / nublado, overcast / neve, snow 

nuvem, cloud / névoa, fog / tempestade, storm / trovão, thunder / relâmpago, lightning / sol, sun  temperatura, temperature /  vento, wind / tempo, weather / verão, summer

Expressões (Expressions)

Como está o tempo? How’s the weather?

Qual a temperatura? What’s the temperature?

Está calor/frio. It’s hot/cold.

Está ensolarado, chovendo, nevando. It’s sunny, raining, snowing.

Qual a previsão do tempo para hoje? What’s today’s weather forecast?

Que tempo vai fazer amanhã? What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?

Amanhã vai fazer sol com pancadas de chuvas isoladas à tarde. Tomorrow is going to be sunny with isolated rain showers in the afternoon.

Sábado vai amanhecer com nevoeiro mas vai clarear à tarde. Saturday morning is going to be foggy but it is going to clear out in the afternoon.

A umidade relativa do ar será de oitenta e um por cento. The relative humidity is going to be 80%.

Os voos foram cancelados por causa de intensa neblina. Flights were cancelled due to intense fog.

Notice that most weather forecasts use vai+infinitive of the verb (going to + infinitive).

Amanhã vai fazer tempo bom? Sim, amanhã vai estar ensolarado o dia todo. Não vai chover. Is the weather going to be nice tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow is going to be sunny all day. It is not going to rain.

Provérbios e ditos populares sobre o tempo Proverbs and sayings about the weather

Está chovendo canivetes. The same meaning as it’s raining cats and dogs. Literally it’s raining jackknives. 

Quem sai na chuva é para se molhar. If you take risks, you’ll suffer the consequences.

Não adianta tapar o sol com a peneira. You can’t conceal something that is evident.

Quem semeia ventos, colhe tempestades. Similar meaning to you sow what you reap. Literally, He who sows winds, reaps storms.

Depois da tempestade vem a bonança. After the storm comes the calm. 

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