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Essential Italian p 83 Word Recall ci sono

In the paragraph for the word recall, there are 3 sentences that "ci sono" is used but in the answer key it has "there is" as the translation.  In each sentence it is describing items in the apartment or room so referring to multiple items.  Is this correct?  Shouldn't it translate to "there are"?

Thank you


  • Ciao Tina!

    Ci sono = there are
    C(i)' è = there is

    ma, attenzione:  c'è molta gente = there are so many people (because people/gente is a singular noun in italian)

    Thank you!!
  • Grazie Michel.  I'm still a little confused.

    In this sentence:
    Ci sono un letto grande, una scrivania marrone ed un divano blu.

    In the book it shows the translation to be:
    There is a big bed, a brown desk, and a blue couch.

    Is this correct because it is referring to more than one item or is it a typo and it should be c'è?

    Thank you!!
  • Hi Tina! 

    I think the confusion is in how we use English... before a list of items in a room, we might say "there is" whereas the Italian is more specific to number and needs the plural "ci sono." The Italian here is correct.

    I think for clarity the book should read "There is (lit. there are) a big bed, a brown desk, and a blue couch." so we'll make sure to fix it in future printings of the book.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you Suzanne!!  That does make sense. I'm so glad I bought this course.  
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