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January Idiom: Auf dem Teppich bleiben

Happy New Year!

I'd like to start the year with a very wise German idiom: "Auf dem Teppich bleiben" which translates literally to "to stay on the rug". 
The rug here symbolizes a willingness to stay down to earth, realistic, reasonable and rational and to refrain from flights of fancy. 
One never knows what the future may bring.
It can be applied to many situations and may mean slightly different things depending on context. 
It may be used when somebody has experienced unusual good fortune. If somebody, for instance, won a contest or tournament unexpectedly, people may say, hold your horses, do not become arrogant, keep at it but don't take it for granted. Bleib auf dem Teppich encompasses all of these things. 
It is not so much that optimism is not encouraged, but to refrain from letting success change your character or your good nature.
The idiom is colloquial in nature and as a warning is frequently implied no matter how well intentioned, it should only be used with friends and family.

Peter: Ich habe die ersten beiden Runden gewonnen. Im nächsten Spiel mach ich dich platt.
Maria: Bleib mal auf dem Teppich. Noch hast du nicht gewonnen.

Peter: I won two rounds. I am going to flatten you in the next game.
Maria: Hold on. You have not won yet.

Ich weiß, dass deine Aktien um 150% gestiegen sind. Aber bitte bleib mal auf dem Teppich. Es ist zu früh um in Rente zu gehen und die Insel zu kaufen.

I know your stock went up 150%.  But be reasonable. It is too early to retire and to buy that island.

Like many German idioms, this one also originates in the Middle Ages. When a king saw the people and heard their complaints, there used to be a rug in front of the throne. So when the common folk approached the throne, usually farmers, workers and merchants and not necessarily clean, they came very close to the throne, but care was taken that the great unwashed stayed on the carpet.
The distance to the king was maintained at all times. 
Hence, the idiom, to stay on the carpet.

I wish you all a happy, successful and peaceful New Year!

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