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April Idiom "Toi, Toi, Toi!"

Our April idiom is here: "Toi, Toi, Toi" which means "good luck" or "break a leg". 
It is sometimes accompanied by German people pressing their thumbs between the rest of their fingers and moving those hands up and down in the rhythm of the words. 
This is because the idiom toi, toi, toi gets frequently mixed with another German idiom of the same meaning "die Daumen drücken". literally to "press my thumbs" which also means "good luck" or "my thoughts and prayers are with you". This idiom was already discussed at length in a prior post. 


"Toi, toi, toi für deine Abschlussprüfung heute."
"Good luck with your final exam today."

"Ich habe gehört, dass du heute die Hauptrolle in Macbeth spielst. Toi, Toi, Toi!"
"I heard you play the lead in Macbeth today. Break a leg"


Two theories about the origin of this idiom have been put forward. 
1. It is said that Toi, toi, toi is short für Teufel, Teufel, Teufel (devil, devil, devil) and that it originates in the Middle Ages. Reiterating the name of the devil three times  probably banished him in the minds of the people at the time so that it became a good luck wish. 
2. Related to this theory is the fact that people in the Middle Ages used to spit over their own shoulder three times for luck. 
This could have conceivably produced the noise or a noise like "Toi, Toi, Toi". Over the ages, people may have forgone the disgusting spitting part and just left it with the words "Toi, Toi, Toi"

I hope you will have a good month. Toi, Toi, Toi!

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