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How to type Japanese on your computer

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Here's a link to a guide on how to set your computer so that it will be ready for you to start typing in Japanese. (It demonstrates on Mac and Windows 7.)

Note that there is a mistake in the last image. It shows a screen where the author appears to have tried to type こんにちは. But it actually shows こんいちわ. This is probably because this author was not familiar with the Roman-alphabets-to-hiragana conversion rules specific to typing. 

The following page shows you how to type Japanese characters. There are some important rules to remember.

If you find even better how-to pages on internet, let me know!


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    Has anyone found a good katakana keyboard app for an android tablet? The google hiragana keyboard is good but it lacks katakana. I did find one but it only went to the nagyoo line. I'd use my computer but I think the ancient egyptians had faster computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ありがとうございます
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    Nevermind the last comment. I found one. If anyone is interested it's the "Very easy Japanese keyboard". I'm not sure if it's out for ios or not. If you find that you can't find anything past a certian point, just keep hitting the "Hira" or "Kana" buttons respectively and more should appear. That was were I was getting mixed up.
  • Thanks for the info, fmp0011! I don't own an android device, so it's good that you shared the information. As for iOS, the built-in Japanese keyboard is full functioning and I have no complaint. No need to download any special app for iOS. 
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