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μπλουζα η μπλουζακι

conversation 2 advanced greek p51. μπλουζα is given as female yet it s diminutive μπλουζακι as neutral, or is it not a diminutive?


  • Hello!
    Yes, το μπλουζάκι is a diminutive and is neutral. You can also use η μπλουζίτσα, feminine. 
    Diminutives in Greek show smaller size but also affection. That means they get to forms: one of the neutral and one of the gender of the original word (masculine or feminine).
    Usually, when we want to show affection, we use the neutral gender regardless of the gender of the original word.
    However, the diminutives interlace and sometimes neutral gender diminutive s are used even when we refer to smaller sizes, exactly like:
    1. η μπλούζα (original word, feminine) 
    2. η μπλουζίτσα (diminutive, feminine)
    3.  το μπλουζάκι (diminutive, neutral).

    Hope this helps!
  • καταλεβενω , ευχαριστω πινελοπη
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