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Last Idiom: Bis in die Puppen

Dear Readers,

With quite a bit of sadness, I'm publishing the last idiom of the program today. 
It is "Bis in die Puppen" which translates to "until the dolls" but means "to the wee hours of the morning", "till all hours" or "all night".
Historically, it implied that you were out all night partying but these days it can be applied  to all sorts of activities, like computer games and watching TV that prevented you from getting a good night's sleep.

"Das Brautpaar hat bis in die Puppen getanzt."
"The bride and groom danced all night."

"Er hat bis in die Puppen vor dem Fernseher gesessen."
 "He sat in front of his TV until the wee hours of the morning."

Friedrich the Great had statues put up in Tiergarten, a big park in the middle of Berlin. The Berliners. known for their sarcastic humor, mockingly referred to them as dolls. However, when they were first put up, most of Berlin did not have a horse or carriage and therefore had to walk quite a distance to see them. This meant that most of the people only returned in the wee hours of the morning. 
They were out "bis in die Puppen". 

I hope you had fun with all the idioms over the years. I certainly did.

Have a good one!


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