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Cinema Italiano

edited September 2011 in Italian
Ciao a tutti, in my previous post about Italian giving you access to a massive amount of cultural heritage, I of course forgot the Italian Cinema. Boy, did I make a massive mistake.

So, if you are a movie buff or just interested in watching great movies, your Italian will come handy. Sure, the subtitles in your native language will help (well, unless you are almost fluent) but you will get to understand the romantic, intellectual, and casual dialogues of unforgettable movies. Such as those that Vittorio De Sica wrote and directed together with screenwriter and poet Cesare Zavattini: Shoeshine, Bicycle Thiefs and Miracle in Milan. And what about Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, Amarcord, and many others. Another master is Bernardo Bertolucci, with his 900 (with an 18 yrs old Robert De Niro...), The Conformist, Last Tango in Paris, The Last Emperor, Stealing Beauty,The Dreamers, and Little Buddha (Il piccolo Buddha). 

In the late 1980s and in the 1990s came a new generation of directors and their movies: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, for which Giuseppe Tornatore won a Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1990;  followed two years later by Gabriele Salvatores's Mediterraneo, which won the same prize. And, of course, Roberto Benigni Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella), which won three Oscars.

Finally, we have the really intriguing Italian movies -- labelled, possibly a little derogatorily, as "Spaghetti Westerns" (by the way, why not "Pizza Westerns"? To all pizza fan of the word: unite against this injustice!!!). I am referring to wonderful Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy ("A Fistful of Dollars", "For a Few Dollars More", and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"), featuring Clint Eastwood and scores by Ennio Morricone. These movies came to really define a new genre, even in USA, along with the acclaimed Once Upon a Time in the West. Those movies basically created directors like Tarantino and Eastwood (they admit that, so no polemic here).

Add all those titles to you "must watch" list.  

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