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Newbie says hi

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Hello everyone!

My name's Shane! I'm so so excited to be part of the Platinum family now! I've been waiting for 3 weeks for my Platinum French to arrive and when I got home tonight, it was finally sitting on my desk waiting for me to unwrap it! What really thrills me is e-tutoring though I have yet to try it myself. (the times are not exactly good for us in Asia, to be honest).

I have a question, though. I was reading about e-tutoring just now and the introduction says "Access your session at home, at work, or on-the-go with your iPad." I have an iPad, and it would be great if I could do the e-tutoring sessions outside of home in a cafe or something so I won't always have to rush home after gym or dinner. So, how do I access it on my iPad?



  • Bonjour & bienvenue Shane!

    I am Sev, one of the French eTutor. I am glad you are excited to begin, and I certainly look forward to have you in my eTutoring sessions :)

    One of our tech specialist will get back to you soon concerning your iPad question.

    In the meantime, I wish you happy learning times!



  • Hi, Shane. I've been tinkering with the iPad/eTutor session question. While you can't actually use the online course on an iPad (because a lot of it is Flash; you need to use the app), you can log into your account and sign up for a session in Safari. The rest should run off of that browser. I don't think anything is Flash-based on the application that powers our eTutor sessions (GoToMeeting), but I've got a call in to them to double check.

    Anyone else ever log into an eTutor session on an iPad?
  • Merci Sev et Christopher! Yeah I've found that you can actually log into an e-tutoring session on the iPad. All you need to do is download the gotomeeting app in the app store and then put in the access code from the email, but one disadvantage of the iPad app is the chat session won't be saved and will be lost once the session is over.

    And the online course can't be accessed on the iPad cos it doesn't suport flash, but since it's got the same content as the iPad app, I don't need the online course, but I wonder why the Platinum apps are only available in the American app store but not others?

  • Thanks, Shane. That's indeed the case, and it was (just now!) confirmed by the developer of the GoToMeeting app. (That app is free, to anyone who isn't familiar with it.)

    Right about the online course; it's got a lot of Flash in it, so it can't be used on an iPad. But the iPad app has the same content.

    The apps are available in the American app store and in several other countries (the UK, most of the EU, Japan, Australia, Canada...), but unfortunately not yet in all. We're still working on our international sales infrastructure, so we're adding to the list pretty regularly. We hope to cover most of the globe within a year or so.
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