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French Culture and Society Tips

edited March 2013 in French
When addressing to a group of men and women, people say: “messieurs dames.” (ladies and gentlemen). For example: “Au revoir messieurs dames.” (Goodbye ladies and gentlemen)


  • Sev
    edited March 2013
    A very important subject!

    'une bise' (kiss on the cheek), 'un bisou' (kiss on the cheek typically, but can be used for kissing on the lips if in love), 'faire la bise' (To give a kiss on the cheek). 

    In France, kissing is everywhere, everyday!

    When friends or family members meet, they kiss each other on the cheek at least two times (as much as four times). Hugging someone is rare and reserved for rare, emotional occasions, or of course between lovers.

    When you meet someone for the first time, you shake hands with men if you are a man, and you make a 'bise' if it is a woman (that is between a man and woman, or between two women).

    When ending a phone conversation, people often say something like: "Allez (equvalent to 'OK now'), salut, bisous!"

    Shaking hands is the custom in a business setting.

    Take a look at this short, fun video on kissing in France.
  • Formidable video, Sev!
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