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origin of french?

edited January 2013 in French
The french language part of the latin language group and yet a lot of the spanish and portuguese speakers don't see and concider to be a latin language cause it's not a phonetic language and they see it more of a mix of a Germanic latin mix just like English.
And in french similar to german on eye sight the word are very long.


  • French developed from Vulgar Latin like the other Romance Languages, but its phonology (sound system) was influenced by the Celtic language Gaulish. If I remember correctly, that's where the liaison (linking) and other similar characteristics of French came from. 

    If by phonetic language, you mean that pronunciation is predictable from spelling, French isn't so terribly un-phonetic, as long as you know the spelling and pronunciation systems. Definitely less so than Spanish and Italian, though!
  • France does border Germany....I am sure the languages of both countries simultaneously  and continuously influence each other.
  • A must for those wanting to go to the roots of French words:

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