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French books & literature

edited January 2013 in French
There is a truly charming book, now a French classic, called 'Le Petit Nicolas'. Written by R. Goscinny, with illustrations by J.J. Sempé and originally published in 1959, the book is an account of the adventures of Little Nicolas, narrated by himself. His naive point of view and interpretation of the world - in contrast especially to that of adults - is a delight.
The book - which spawned a series - is fairly accessible to French students of intermediate to advanced levels, and I highly recommend it for its humor and nostalgia of France in the 1950's.


  • The great comic artist Moebius (Jean Giraud) died almost a year ago. His work has had a profound influence beyond the world of comics, into cinema in particular. Filmmakers like RIdley Scott and Fellini have expressed their admiration for Moebius.

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