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Don't forget to make use of our eTutoring. It's a great way to practice the French that you've learned, and it's a lot of fun. Don't be shy, and don't worry if you feel that you're not totally prepared. That's what practice is for! 



  • Absolument! Nous vous attendons avec impatience! (Absolutely! We are impatiently waiting for you!)
  • In addition to our regular eTutoring sessions, we would like to offer special theme-based tutoring sessions. This would enable some of you to focus on a particular subject or even do a crash course on a very specific area of the language!

    We welcome your suggestions: travel, french food & wine, arts, relationships, etc.

  • Could you please explain more the special sessions, and how we can book one.



  • Thanks for the interest, Alia! We're in the process of designing them, and once we have them up, we'll make an announcement here on how to book them.

    Sev did a good job of explaining them; along with your regular learning of the language, we want to give you a chance to learn vocabulary related to a special interest of yours, and to practice speaking about that topic. Our initial thoughts are topics such as travel, cuisine, wine, the arts, film, making friends... But we welcome any other ideas you may have! So please let us know if there's some area of French culture or life that interests you, and we'll design a session.

    The sessions will work much like the regular e-tutor sessions, but we'll also post outlines on the message boards, along with vocabulary lists to help you prepare, and to use as a reference.

    We're looking forward to providing these extra sessions!
  • One of the great and exclusive features of Living Language, the theme-based eTutoring sessions promise to deliver something truly special to our customers. 

    As our language team puts the final touches on this wonderful concept, I look forward to implement these special sessions and provide my students with customized, high-quality and fun lessons!
  • Orientation sessions are meant to introduce you to the Living Language method. But they are also a way to break the ice by starting to speak the language you are studying with the help of a Living Language eTutor.

    Thus, I often find myself with students who are eager to try their fresh new skills, but sometimes a little shy about it. I want to assure you all: as I said before, it is one of the greatest pleasures to guide a complete beginner and witness her/him blossom slowly into a new language and culture. 

    Thus, the format of Orientation sessions is a perfect, flexible way to approach your new language for the first time.

    So sign up for an Orientation session, and I look forward to practice some French with you there!
  • There is a very practical feature on GoToMeeting that I have been sharing with my students:

    When you're logged on a session, in the upper left corner, under 'File", there is a "Save chat log" option, which allows you to save all the comments made in the chat box during the session. An easy way to file all these new or problematic bits of language!
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