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if you learn brazilian portuguese will you also be able to understand and converse with european portuguese speakers?






  • I think the short answer is yes, but there are some differences between the two, in pronunciation, vocabulary, and syntax/grammar, especially having to do with indirect object pronouns, or pronouns after command forms, or something like that. There's also a pretty noticeable difference in pronunciation between Rio and Sao Paulo, and luckily we have eTutors from both regions!

    Speaking of whom, I'll let them answer your question better than I can. 
  • O thats perfect, can yall(both eTutors) converse with each other without running into problems? Ive heard its totally different, and ive heard you can understand both. If you learned european portuguese would you be able to understand brazillian seeming that Portugal was the root of portuguese(i assume)?

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    Brazilians, Portuguese, Angolans and Mozambicans experience the same difficulty communicating with each other that an American would have when traveling in the countryside of, say, Scotland. If people from all these nations are talking to one another in a more formal setting, there will be no or very few misunderstandings. What complicates things is when people use regionalisms or idiomatic expressions. 
    Tune in to next comment for some examples of idiomatic expressions that might give rise to confusion between Brazilian and Portuguese speakers. 
  • Thank you very much
  • Brazilian and Portuguese have a some  differences, the pronunciation and  vocabulary but if you learn Brazilian you can understand Portuguese for eg:
    brazilian normaly says "você "and "cara" to refer "you" and we "portuguese" use "tu", another one is for the word smoke: Brazilians use "fumaça" and Portuguese use "fumo".
  • o okay thank you very much, so when i go Spain for a year to live with family, and i learn Portuguese from Portugal i will be able to understand Brazilians correct? Although i would love to learn Brazilian Portuguese because my aunt says its super pretty and sounds like they are singing. 
  • Hi Hunter, that's a lovely way to describe the Brazilian accent. It's true that the Brazilian accent has musicality to it, perhaps it was influenced by the immigrants that came to Brazil and added a bit of their intonation to the language, especially the Italians. 
    You will definitely be able to understand Brazilians when you learn European Portuguese. 
    If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, you can start with Living Language Brazilian Portuguese. All the CDs that come with the book are in Brazilian Portuguese and will help you hear the difference.
  • So when i learn in Spain, it would be easier to learn the vocab and slang of Brazilians, rather than the other way around?
  • If you are learning  Portuguese with Living Language Brazilian Portuguese, you are learning standard Portuguese and will be able to communicate with the speakers of any of the Portuguese-speaking countries.  Also, you will see that once you learn Spanish, you will understand more Portuguese vocabulary since these two languages are very similar.
  • O ok thank you, i have noticed that now that i know Spanish for the most part i can understand Italian and Portuguese, they are extremely close and im hoping it wont take long to learn to two.
  • um conselho antes de começar: escolha qual português será o que você quiser estudar e focalize-se somente nesse. 
  • i think i am going to go with Brazilian Portuguese, a LOT more people speak it. Portuguese will be very simple for me to learn, because i can already read most of it.

    thank you,


  • de nada Hunter

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