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desculpe vs. desculpa

edited December 2013 in Portuguese
Desculpe is the command form of the verb desculpar, which, used as a pronominal verb, desculpar-se, means to be sorry
Other ways of saying you are sorry are sinto muito (literally, I feel a lot), and perdão (pardon).
Some examples with desculpar-se:
Desculpe-me o atraso. I'm sorry I'm late.
Desculpe, foi sem querer. Sorry, it wasn't on purpose.
In the first example, the verb was used with the pronominal me and in the second, more informal, without it.
The noun desculpa means an excuse. Here are some examples.
Qual a sua desculpa pelo atraso?  What's your excuse for being late?
A desculpa do transito é a mais usada para atrasos no Brasil. Traffic is the excuse most used for tardiness in Brazil. 
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