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edited June 2013 in Portuguese
Caipira is a term that designates people from rural areas of the state of São Paulo and neighboring regions. It can also be a derogative word to mean that a person is not cultured or sophisticated. Não seja caipira, tells a person not to be shy or too cautious in dealing with a situation.But there are other aspects of caipira that are beloved by all. First, there are the festas caipiras, caipira festivities, which take place throughout June to celebrate saints’ days: Santo Antonio (Saint Anthony) on June 12, also known as the patron saint of lovers, or the equivalent of the American’s Saint Valentine, São Joao on June 24 and Saint Peter on June 29.Another cherished meaning for caipira is its diminutive, caipirinha, the well-known cocktail drink made with lime, sugar and cachaça, or Brazilian rum.Learn more about diminutives on Lesson 2 of the Living Language Advanced Portuguese. 
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