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Mistakes in Living Language course

edited July 2013 in French
There are two mistakes in Lesson 8 of Essential French in the dialog.  Why was the course not proofread more thoroughly?


  • Hi AmyAnne,
    Sorry to hear that you've found errors. A native speaking proofreader, copy editor and reviewer look at our courses in addition to the native speaking author, but alas, as humans, we are prone to error and we miss things.  We appreciate you pointing this out. If you tell us where to find the error, we will have it corrected in reprints. 
    Thank you!
  • edited July 2013
    We've found the errors. 

    - "Ils vont
    au supermarché"

    - "Puis Ils regardent
    la télé enssemble"

    Thanks again for pointing them out, AmyAnne.  
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