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Using songs to improve your language skills

edited August 2013 in Portuguese
Listening to music in the target language can help you improve not only pronunciation but also vocabulary. Another added benefit because of the repetition and rhythm is retention.
First, choose a song you like. When learning Brazilian Portuguese this task becomes really easy since bossa nova and samba are a cinch to sing along with and offer simple translations. 
Second, listen to the song on a CD or YouTube. Just listen and try to guess some of the words.
Third, use one of the many available websites to read the lyrics. Remember that lyrics don't always tell a straight forward story. Use your dictionary and try to translate the song.
Finally, put lyrics and song together and sing along. Repeat as many times as possible to practice pronunciation and intonation. Start with slow songs. 
The following list might help you:
Corcovado - Tom Jobim
Chega de Saudade - Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes
Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você - Tom Jobim e Vinicius de Moraes
Wave - Tom Jobim


  • I use music quite often, on my journey to learning German.  It helps with cadence and retention, I find.  I'm just not quite certain that Dero Goi and Til Lindermann are the best coaches!  LOL
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