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Language Apps

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Does anyone know when the apps that are compatible with Android and the iPod Touch are due to come out?  I am impatiently waiting to get an opportunity to add that to my learning tools.  I spend a lot of time on the train and would like to have that available for me to use.


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    Hi Annie,

    We will have the iPhone app available for download by the end
    of September, with android following soon after. We appreciate your patience
    and understanding.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

    Laura /Living Language
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    The French iphone/ipod app is now in the itunes Living Language French for iphone!
  • I feel that I have just been ripped off to the tune of $120!!!  I would not have bought the "platinum" version if I had known that the app for Nook doesn't even exist.  I can't wait to inform Barnes and Noble that their customers are being sold something that doesn't exist!  I think that the only thing to do is return it!  Go with a company that believes in truth in advertising!
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    Thanks for nothing LL!!! Like the other Apple butt kissers, you developed first the iPad app,now the iphone app and STILL nothing for Android. Now the platform with the most phones sold has to wait until at least October?!?! This is VERY disappointing. I have used LL courses for years, but this will probably be my last!!!!
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    We sincerely apologize for
    the delay in releasing the iphone, Android, and Nook apps. We are working
    around the clock to make these apps as thorough and enjoyable as possible and want
    to make sure that they live up to your expectations before releasing them. The
    iphone apps will be out by the end of September and the Android and Nook apps will
    be out in October. Thank you for
    choosing Living Language, and please let us know if you have any additional
  • I have used the french app for Iphone but why is it not synchronized with my online account? I've completed the first lesson on my Ipod Touch but when I go online I see nothing was completed. I've registered using my account on my Ipod Touch so I assume what I have completed on PC will show up on my Ipod or vice versa. 
  • It's already October and the Iphone App for German has yet to be released. How long more do we have to wait?
  • I completely agree. I bought Living Language Italian about a month ago; the packaging specifically said iPhone apps were available, I purchase the product and it is not available, then I'm told it would come out sometime in September and it is now October and still nothing.  I am very disappointed in how misleading Living Language has been to me and will not be recommending it to anyone.
  • Didi and Robert, Our very sincere apologies that you feel
    mislead by our packaging. We completely understand your frustration, and we’re
    working to get these apps out as soon as possible. There have been
    complications in both the development and the approval process, and we’ve been
    doing our best to make good on our promise of getting properly functioning apps
    to you. Please send an e-mail to,
    indicating which app you’re waiting for, and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s
    available. This will save you the trouble of checking in.We apologize sincerely and we appreciate your patience and
    understanding as we work to make our courses--as advertised--a full multimedia
    learning experience.

    Laura / Living Language

  • I have the iPad app for the Spanish lesson, but the audio doesn't work without headphones. Am I doing something wrong? The speakers work in other apps.
  • The audio should work without the headphones. Of course, it's better with the headphones, but we've been testing these apps on all the devices and haven't found that they don't work without the headphones. If the problem persists, could you please e-mail us at We can try to figure out what the issue may be.
  • I am very disappointed I do not have android apps available . When can I expect them? I will write my review to reflect my disappointment.
  • Pete,

    We understand and share your frustration --there have been many
    unforeseen complications and delays. Our developers have been working around
    the clock to get our apps up and running on different operating systems.
    Android, unfortunately, is one of the platforms that has suffered serious
    delays. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can, we never meant
    to disappoint our customers. Please email us at
    and we can further assist you.

    Laura / Living Language

  • WHERE ARE THE ANDROID APPS?!?! Enough with the excuse LL staff!!! I have been waiting since August for the Android apps and still nothing. I will contact you at the support email listed above but I wanted to post, once again, what a scam this "platinum" package is. I know I can access the content online but that wasn't the only reason I purchased this course. If all I wanted was online content I would have chosen one of the many cheaper alternatives. Four months of my membership are now gone and I still haven't received everything I paid for.
  • Hello-

    Any update on when the Android app will be available? I am looking forward to trying it out.

  • Hi!
    Which language are you learning?
    Living Language
  • I wanted to let everyone know my experience with LL support regarding the apps since I have let everyone know in previous posts how mad I was. I sent an email to over the holidays and in spite of the fact that LL support was closed for the holidays, I received a very quick response from Chris with an explanation about what the delay is from. He has stayed in contact with me since and seems to be doing his best to resolve this issue. Most other companies would have probably deleted my posts to try and hide the issue but LL has owned up to it. If you want more info, send an email to the support address above and they will respond.
  • Hi, everyone. I'm reaching out to each of you who has posted here individually, but in case you get this first, the Android apps are up and in the marketplace. If you're a Platinum user, make sure you download the free version, and then unlock all of the content with your Platinum credentials. If you have any trouble or questions, contact us at
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