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The imperative in recipes

edited October 2013 in Portuguese

When giving directions on how to prepare foods or drinks, the imperative or command form is used.

To get the command form in Portuguese start with the eu, I, form of the verb in the present, remove the final –o and add –e to verbs that end in --ar, and –a to those that end in –er and –ir.

Look at the following examples:

cortar - eu corto = corte (to cut – I cut = cut)

escrever – eu escrevo = escreva  (to write – I write = write)

abrir – eu abro = abra (to open – I open = open)

Note that in Portuguese the imperative also has a plural form, so if you giving directions to one person, use the singular, but use the plural when referring to more than one.

corte você – cortem vocês

escreva você – escrevam vocês

abra você – abram vocês

For exercises and more practice in using the imperative form, go to Brazilian Portuguese Intermediate Lesson 18.

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