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Andar - a versatile verb!

edited November 2013 in Portuguese
Andar means to walk, as in eu ando de casa à escolaI walk from my house to school, but it also has other idiomatic usages.
Andar de bicicleta, trem, ônibus, metrô ou taxi is to ride a bicycle, train, bus or subway.
You can also use andar with another verb to express continuity:
Eu ando um pouco cansada. I have been a bit tired lately.
Sandra anda guardando dinheiro para as fériasSandra has been saving money for her vacations.
Andar is also used to say that something works or doesn't work:
Os relógios antigos só andam quando damos cordaOld watches only work when we wind them
You can also use andar to mean hang out with people:
Julia e Paulo sempre andam juntos. Julia and Paulo always hang out together.
Finally, you can use onde anda to ask what's going on with a person or thing.
Onde anda o seu irmão? Where's your brother been? What has your brother been up to?
Onde anda você? Where have you been? Is a Brazilian comedy directed by Sergio Rezende. Check it out and practice your Portuguese!
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