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Welcome to the Living Language Spanish Community Forum. Feel free to post questions, share tips, or ask for advice on how to learn or use your new language. Share a link to a great recipe for your favorite dish. Suggest a Spanish film that you've seen. Tell us about how you used Spanish on a recent trip.

Our goal is to make this a forum for people who love not only the Spanish language, but also the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. 


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    Hola chic@s,

    My name is Noelia and I am one of the spanish e-tutors. I am from Spain and I have been teaching the language in US for 5 years. I am very excited to talk to you about the spanish language and culture.

    Do you know that there are more than 500 millions of people talking Spanish as a native language? After Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the second language more spoken in the world. That means you can travel all over the world practicing the language and learning about hispanic cultures and peoples.

    One of the most exciting things of a language learning process is to share time with a native speaker and learn about his/her culture. When I came to US for the first time I wanted to know everything about food so today I decided to share with you an easy recipe of a great spanish drink for the summer: SANGRÍA. (Belive me, this is not an italian drink : ) It is called sangria because it has the color of "sangre" which means blood.

    Now it is time to practice your Spanish...

    (para dos personas)

    1 litro de vino tinto

    3 vasos de Sprite

    1/3 vaso de zumo de naranja

    1 manzana amarilla cortada en trocitos

    1/4 cucharilla de canela (opcional)

    You will not need to add sugar because Sprite made in US has a lot of sweetener. Put all ingredients together in a pitcher, give it a stir and let it stan for a while in the fridge. Right before you start drinking your sangria, add a lot of ice to the pitcher. The secret of a great sangría is to serve it very cold.

    Que aproveche!!!!

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    Hola a todos y bienvenidos al Spanish Community Forum!
    Me llamo Anna, y al igual que Noelia y Enrique soy eTutor de español.
    Soy de Barcelona (España) pero vivo y trabajo en New York como profesora de español.

    Hello everyone and welcome to the Spanish Community Forum!
    My name is Anna and, like Noelia and Enrique, I am one of the Spanish eTutors.

    I am from Barcelona (Spain) but I live and work in New York as a Spanish teacher.

    To start learning spanish feeling totally energized and refreshed I wanted to share with you one of the most healthy, refreshing and tasty Spanish recipes to keep yourself cool in the summertime: GAZPACHO SOUP

    Follow the directions of Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy:

    As you can see there is no cooking involved. It is all about blending fresh ingredients, keeping it refrigerated and enjoying it!

    ¿Qué ingredientes necesitamos?  / What ingredients do we need?

    - Tomates / Tomatoes
    - Pepino / Cucumber
    - Cebolla / Onion
    - Pimiento Rojo / Red pepper
    - Ajo / Garlic
    - Vinagre de Jerez / Sherry Vinegar
    - Aceite de oliva extra virgen / Extra virgin olive oil
    - Pan duro / Old bread
    - Sal y Pimineta / Salt and Pepper
    - Agua / Water
    - Comino / Cumin

    And remember the chef's tip: Gazpacho soup always tastes better the day after.

    ¡Buen provecho!

  • I just made gazpacho last weekend - great on a hot summer day! But this recipe looks much better. I think I'll have more gazpacho this weekend!
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    Be carefull with the garlic breath Chris!

    Prueba a añadir un huevo duro rallado encima de tu gazpacho. Está buenísimo y así añadirás proteínas saludables también.

    Try to add a grated hard boiled egg on top of your gazpacho soup. It is delicious and adds healthy proteins too.
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    Hola estudiantes, mi nombre es Diego y soy uno de los tutores de español. Soy de Cali, Colombia. Llevo más de 5 años enseñando español y me gusta mucho dar clases de español. Por esta razón estoy muy contento de ser parte del grupo de tutores de Living Language. Espero ayudarlos a aprender español y a conocer mucho mas sobre la cultura latinoamericana. Mi mejor consejo para aprender español es que practiques con personas nativas de la lengua, o formes un grupo en el cual se puedan ayudar los unos a los otros.

    Hello students, my name is Diego and I am one of the tutors in Spanish. I'm from Cali, Colombia. I have been teaching for over 5 years and I love teaching Spanish. For this reason I am very happy to be part of the group of tutors of Living Language. I hope I can help you learn Spanish and know much more about Latin American culture. My  advice to learn Spanish is to practice with native speakers, or to form a group of learners in which you can help each other.
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