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Practice Worksheets?

edited January 2014 in French
Is there somewhere to find practice worksheets to reinforce what is learned in each lesson? Although I understand the lessons, I need much more by way of reinforcement in order to solidify the concepts in my mind...


  • Hi REJ,
    Could you tell me which language you're studying and what product you're using? For instance, are you using an online course, an Essential Edition, a Complete Edition or a Platinum edition?  That will help me direct you to the right place.
    Living Language
  • Thanks Erin, 
    Its the "Living Language French Platinum Edition".
  • edited January 2014
    Hi REJ,
    Okay, got it.  So, you're looking for practice beyond the games that accompany each lesson and the Work Outs and vocabulary practice sessions in the book, correct? We also have Unit Essentials and Quizzes in the books for additional practice (see the end of each unit in Intermediate and Advanced for those two types of practice, and see after Lessons 5 and 10 in Essential for quizzes).  
    Two additional ways to practice that I personally have utilized (I'm studying French, too) are eTutoring sessions and the functions available on our flashcards for studying.  eTutoring sessions are 30 minute tutoring sessions that you sign up for through your online course (look for the eTutoring link at the top right corner of your screen when you are logged into your course).  They are delivered entirely in French by a native speaker tutor and review the course material you just completed (each session is linked to a portion of the course).  This is an excellent way to review and put into practice the new concepts from the course.
    The second way to study that I really enjoy is to switch the flashcards to English mode (look for the toggle button under the flashcard when you're in a vocabulary section of the online course).  As you go through them, you see the English word first, try to remember the French word or phrase and then flip to check your answer. If you have the word down, you click on "Send to mastered" on the right-hand side to move them out of rotation, so you only see those words you really need practice with.  
    I hope that you find these methods for practicing your French helpful.  Bonne chance !
  • Merci, Erin!! :-)
  • Bonjour REJ,

    To follow along Erin's lines, practicing with an eTutoring session is a sure way to reinforce what you have seen in the Living Language material. 
    As I have said many times, do not be afraid to make mistakes during those sessions! We eTutor are here to guide you, and we genuinely love it. I look forward to have you soon online!
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