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Deceptive and Disappointed with

edited February 2014 in French
We recently purchased the French Platinum Edition for our son.  He is in French 1 and having some struggles.  One of the main reasons we purchased the product was the ability for him to have access to the material on his android tablet.  Right on the back of the box, it states "iPhone, iPad, Android, and Nook compatible Apps".  So after activating the product. only then does the truth come out that the only support up to Android version 2.2 and they are not updating or developing any further to focus on iOS.  If I had an iOS device, this would no be a problem.  To say we are disappointed is putting it lightly.  Your product is not Android compatible without seriously qualifying what you mean by compatible.  In fact, We could not even find the app on the Google Play site at all.  That such a major portion of the product is rendered unusable because of what is essentially a bait and switch move is disappointing.   


  • Dear Steelers2005sbJim,
    Unfortunately, we are a small team and have not been able to keep up with the proliferation of Android devices and OS updates. As a result, we've had to pull our Android app from the market.  The packaging you're seeing predates this decision, which is why it includes Android.  As of the decision, all new packaging has been revised to reflect our latest offerings. I understand, of course, that this misled you in your decision to purchase the Platinum product.  If you send us an email at, we will do what we can to compensate for this.  The app sold independently had a value of $9.99.  The primary value of the Platinum package is the online native speaker tutor access and the online course subscription (valued at $150 separately).  That said, I understand that you had the app in mind when you purchased, and you didn't get an app. Please let us know at the details of where you purchased the product and when and we can work out a solution.
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