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Random Sentences

edited February 2014 in Korean
Hello :) under your article,
for Korean, what about saranghae/I love you (I think I spelled that
correctly) or would it be like what the article says about Japanese?
it being for couples?(p.s; I don't know why it's saying sarang over and over again, something messed up and I can't find the delete post button, sorry)


  • Hello there,
    As for your question, the Korean expression 사랑해 (saranghae) or 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo) (the latter ends with a politeness marker -yo) is not only reserved for between couples but also other relationships such as between a parent and his or her child(ren) or between friends or a teacher's loves towards his/her students. But usually the object of the love is limited to a sentient/living thing such as humans and animals. So while you can say you love dogs, you cannot say you love vegetables or you love books in Korean by using 사랑해, unless you personify them to emphasize your view. Instead, you say you "like" vegetables or books, 좋아해(요); joahae(yo).
    Hope this answers your question. 

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