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How should you pronounce bom dia, good morning?

edited February 2014 in Portuguese

The dictionary pronunciation of many words is not always the
way people say the word. As with English, when you say “bottle”, depending on
the country or region you’re from, the double [tt] can either sound like [t] or
[d] as in “boddle”.

People of some regions in Brazil pronounce the word dia: DEEya, while those from other
regions say GEEya. It doesn’t mean one way is more correct than the other,
since in Brazil pronunciation tends to be more a regional distinction than a
class one.

Here are some other words that can be pronounced with a DEE
or GEE sound:

dica - tip

diagram  - diagram

dicionário - dictionary

dinheiro - money

direito - right

Note that this occurs when di is at the beginning and in other positions of a word. For example,
in the words enciclopédia
(encyclopedia), mundial (worldwide),
and candidato (candidate), di can be pronounced dee or gee.

Words beginning with or containing da, de, do, and du do not vary.


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