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masculine et feminine

edited March 2014 in French
bonjour a tous hi everyone im a newbie here just need some helps from you all about how to tell the difference between masculine et feminine verbs in french.
i have some problem with these words and wanna know some examples from masculine and feminine. and then what if the sentences is negative or interogative? should we change these verb or not? thats all everyone and au revoir merci :)


  • Bonjour Ricordo. Welcome to Living Language French!

    To answer your first question, verbs do not have a gender. Only nouns are either masculine or feminine. Adjectives qualifying those nouns change accordingly. Examples:

    - Une fille. Une petite fille.
    - Un garçon. Un petit garçon.

    You will find all you need regarding this topic in Lesson 2 of Essential in Living Language!

    As for using negations, please refer to Grammar Builder 1 in Lesson 6 (Around Town).
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