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Who is studying Italian?

edited March 2014 in Italian

Io studio l'italiano.

Ok my vocabulary isn't there yet but I am working on it :) I studied Italian many years ago but lost it.  I am using a variety of tools to get it back.  This board doesn't seem active so was wondering who else is here?  Want to practice together?


  • Hey There, i studied a little bit italian in School but i lost it too, now i'm conscious of the importance of learning other than the mother language. i just started with the italian essential, my mother language is spanish so while i learn italian, i practice my english too
  • Ciao! I started studying the language last October, so not that long! However, I have some years experience of Spanish and I found that helps a lot. What made you guys want to study Italian?
  • Buon giorno :3 !

    I'm wondering if anyone will make there way back to this discussion, haha.

    Just for the sake of trying to meet a few new people, I wanted to post in here. Hm..I actually started to learn French in school, and the language learning friends that I have are/were all studying German, Russian, or Spanish, so none of us had a foreign tongue in common. As a joke, I said to them "let's all keep up with our languages, but also learn Italian," and we all kind of agreed on it, but it seems I'm the only person who has tried and fallen for this language.
  • Ciao. I'm interested in learning with someone (or several people). I've completed Essential and started Intermediate. Anyone coming back?

  • Ciao Dave

    I've only recently started working my way through Essential, but I would be more than happy to be a language partner of yours. My proficiency will probably be much much lower, but at least you would be able to chat in the language every day (or as often as possible)

    A dopo!
  • Ciao Treestar,

    Perfetto! So glad to hear from you. Funny, I studied French in high school too. Did real well the first year but didn't get along with the teacher the second year. I studied German a couple years ago, dabbled with Spanish (didn't really do much) and also considered Russian just cause I think it would be really cool to speak.

    Anyway, I'd love to have a language partner; especially here cause I feel like the tutors can step in to correct some of our stupidity. So, how do you want to start? Wanna take it lesson by lesson. We could start at lesson one and try different things. Then, we can combine that stuff with the next lesson. Idk, maybe something like this...

    Buona sera, Treestar. Mi chiamo David. Molto piacere. Sono di Plymouth, MA. Come sta?

    Buona serata!
  • Ciao Dave!

    Eccellente, that sounds like a pretty solid plan to me (especially the bit about tutors stepping in if need be).  I've dabbled in German a bit, I think I'm more proficient in French than I am in Italian, and Russian is definitely a language I've been interested in as well haha. One of my best friends is from Moscow, and I feel like an awful friend for having such an interest in languages, but never putting for the effort to learn his.

    Buon pomeriggio, David. Mi chiamo Lawrenso, piacere mio. Sono di Fayetteville, NC. Abbastanza bene, grazie, e Lei?

    Buona giornata!
  • Bravo Lawrenso,

    Buon giorno. Sto bene, grazie. I like the name of your town, Fayetteville. One of my favorite historical figures and certainly my favorite Frenchman is The Marquis de Lafayette. If you have any interest in knowing why, Google his name or even better, there's at least one documentary on him that is really good. Pretty much anything with that namesake is named after him. I swear I'm not a huge history nerd (lol) but I thought I'd share.

    Have you noticed some of the mistakes in the lessons? If you want, one of the things we can do is make a list of them and see if they want to fix them during an update. Speaking of lessons, which ones do you have? I bought the "complete" course. Now I kinda wish I bought it with the tutor but this is actually pretty cool and I'm glad as hell to have someone to work with.

    Please feel free to help set the pace. I'm sure we'll figure out what works best for us as we go. Whenever you feel like moving on to the next lesson, dive in because we'll still be using stuff from the previous lessons as we go. Plus, I've already gone all the way through Essential so I'm ready when you are.

    Alright, I've yapped enough. Wanna study italian?

    Come va, oggi? (Not sure if that's how you put that together but oggi means today).
    Ciao, mi chiamo David e sono di Boston.
    Molto piacere!
    Mi piace (I like) the phrase non c'è di che. It sounds kinda cool.
    Arrivederci, Lawrenso.
    Buona giornata.
  • Ciao, mi chiamo is Arleen e io sono una studentessa nuova. Sono di Bernardsville, NJ.
    Io ho una famiglia numerosa. Io ho una madre e un padre, tre sorelle e un fratello. I ho un marito e noi abbiamo due figli, Brendan e Ryan. Noi abbiamo tre cani, BOSS, Bubba e Smoochie. Io sono una studentessa di italiano perché io sono viaggio a Italy prossimo anno.
    Ho bisogno di aiuto.

    I am interested in trying to write in italiano:))
  • Ciao Arleen,

    Benvenuta al corso d'italiano! Il tuo messaggio di introduzione va molto bene. L'unica frase da correggere è "perché io sono viaggio a Italy prossimo anno." La forma corretta è "perché vado in Italia il prossimo anno." "Vado" is the present tense of the verb "andare" and means "I go" or "I am going to." Complimenti e continua a fare pratica di conversazione e scrittura!

    A presto,

    Italian e-Tutor
  • Ciao Arleen e Roberta,

    So awesome to finally hear from somebody after so long. I've only got a minute but I wanted to respond. You'll hear from me again soon.

    Non sono sposato ma ho tre figli, un figlio e due figlie. Abito a Plymouth, MA Sono studente di Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

    A presto!

  • Ciao,

    I am trying to learn as much italian in 30 days when my course expire and need lots of practice. Is there anyone that can meet me weekly to help assist me in learning in a short period of time. I finished lesson 1-2 and working on Lesson 3-4. Please help,

  • Ciao Sandra!
    If you would like to sign up for an e-Tutoring session and need any help with scheduling given that your course expires soon, don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we'll do what we can to provide you with a session at a time that works for you.
    Living Language

  • Thanks Erin, I signed up but have only completed up to lesson 5. I need to practice more and may have to extend my course. Also I think I would benefit with live conversation to comprehend the language. 
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