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French Food and Wine Links

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Blog post on terroirs and climats, two terms that any oenophile will find interesting.


  • Post on la cuisine de la Normandie, including of course the delicious Camembert cheese.
  • A cool site with everything you ever wanted to know about les vins français but were afraid to ask.
  • Les marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) are a traditional winter delicacy in France, which became famous during the time of Louis XIV when they made sensation in Versailles court thanks to chef François Pierre La Varenne and his book 'Le parfaict confiturier'.

    Fresh chestnuts are becoming more available in the U.S and abroad, but the marrons glacés on the other hand are rather difficult to buy outside of Europe. Here is a link to a recipe to make your own version of these fresh & delicious treats!
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    Here is a post on options beside Champagne.
  • I just got back from a short vacation on the island of St. Martin, où j’ai parlé beacoup de français. And these posts made me nostalgic for the great food we had, even though it's only been a few days! Pain au chocolat and croissant for breakfast every day (time to hit the gym to make up for that), great wine, incredible dinners, lots of things that reminded me of my time living in France. 
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    Despite all the great cuisines of the world, French gastronomy and the seemingly bottomless love of French people for their food continues to retain a legendary fascination for most.

    The concept of Terroir  is once again 'de rigueur' here:

    From Arte TV (a TV company reputed for the quality of their programs), here is a map of the Terroirs in Europe:

  • A refreshing summer recipe from the South of France: La Ratatouille
  • Add some world-renowned salt to your life! 

  • Mais, c’est du bon sel, ça!

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    Le meilleur, le plus fondant! En tout cas, je suis ravi d'apprendre que ça te plaise tant :)
  • The five must-know sauces of French gastronomy: The Five Mother Sauces
  • Ahhh, je voudrais bien des recettes (je penses que c'est le mot juste) en Francais pour faire la cuisine.  Je ne suis pas un bon cuisinier, mais je voudrais apprendre a le faire!  

    Est-ce que vous avez des 'links' pour trouver des recettes pas trop difficiles?

  • Savez-vous ce qu'est un trou normand (Normand Hole)?

    (the article is in French, so it's chance to test your French! But feel free to ask me any questions of course!)

  • There are many wine regions in France. Have you tasted wines from the Loire Valley?
  • A living Language blog about France’s comfort foods ('aliments-réconfort').
  • The difference between a 'viticulteur' and a 'vigneron':

    The 'viticulteur' cultivates and sells his grapes

    The 'vigneron' cultivates his grapes and makes the wine himself.

  • Explore France's culinary specialties by region on this interactive map.
  • Wine still has a prominent place in French culture. But people are rediscovering les bières artisanales (craft beers). 

    Here is a craft beer renaissance in Paris.
  • Let's celebrate together: the Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 is released today after midnight!
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