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How should I start with my new Living Language material ?

edited April 2014 in Korean
So I've recently purchased the Living Language Korean Complete Edition and I was just wondering how should I start with it ? Does anyone have suggestions as what I should read first or more like study first? For example, should I start with the Reading and Writing booklet or the essential? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you :) 


  • Hi!
    My recommendation is to begin with the Reading and Writing booklet because it will help you learn how to read Hangul. Especially because towards the middle of the Essential (around lesson 6, I believe), there will be no more English transliteration.
    So I highly recommend using the Reading and Writing first!
    Hope this helps you~

  • Okay thank you! Right now I'm starting to learn the korean alphabet and even though I feel a bit lost I think with more and more practice I'll start understanding it better. 
  • No problem! I agree, at first I was also a bit lost but once you can understand what you are reading, it'll be easier! You'll notice that once you start the Essential lessons. Reading Hangul will become easier with practice! It'll take some time but you can do it :)
  • I really hope so! :) Was there anything that you did that maybe made it a bit better in understanding ? Maybe flashcards or anything of that sorts? I've been searching online ways to tackle it but I havent found anything concrete that could really help me. 
  • Well something that really helped me was that I would rewrite the words or the letter (depending in what you're on) and then test myself. I would also create a little chart to help me whenever I practiced writing a word. It's all with practice but it also depends on how you study and what way is easiest for you to study :) for example, I like rewriting the words or phrases a couple of times and then testing myself. You can also try viewing lesson 1 on Essential to see how the words sound like, there's a chart with the vowels and consonants and you can use the CD to hear how the word sounds like. Hope this helps!!! :)
  • Yes definitely helps! Thank you so much for all your help and I hope you don't mind if I ask you for help in the future lol :)
  • I'm wondering about the paid online course.     Is that more advanced then the books and tapes?
  • Jeny: no problem! I don't mind at all!!

    Goospanish: hi! I believe both the online course and the books have the same content. They both equally help but online gives you the service of etutors :) hope this helps!!
  • Hi!
    Just wanted to chime in and say that Barbiec408 is correct that the online course and the Complete Edition (books and CDs) cover the same content.  The online course comes with access to eTutoring and additoinal online-only games, but the scope of the course is the same.
    Hope that helps!

  • I know this forum is a bit old but I'd like to make my contribution here as well! As far as learning Hangul, I'd recommend some of the courses on Memrise. It's a free site that allows you to quiz yourself on Hangul and various Korean words/expressions. I've found it pairs really well with LL Korean.  :]

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