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Spelling of the French surname "Saint Martin"

edited May 2014 in French

What is the usual spelling of the French surname "Saint Martin?"

hyphenated, as in "Saint-Martin?"

shortened, as in "St. Martin?"

hyphenated AND shortened, as in "St.-Martin?"


  • Sev
    edited May 2014
    Bonjour Dave,

    1) Without a hyphen (un tiret), the name refers to a saint (Saint Martin de Tours for example). You can also find it in the feminine (Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux). 

    2) With the hyphen, it refers to names of people (Yves Saint-Laurent) or places (Le canal Saint-Martin).

    3) St. or St- or St is simply a contraction (une abréviation) of 'Saint', but used only where space to write it is a factor. The feminine is Ste. However, last names of people cannot be shortened (Saint-Exupéry for example).

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