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Welcome to the Living Language Italian Community Forum. Feel
free to post questions, share tips, or ask for advice on how to learn or use
your new language. Share a link to a great recipe for your favorite Italian dish. Suggest an Italian film that you've seen. Tell us about how you used Italian on a recent trip.

Our goal is to make this a forum for people who love not
only the Italian language, but also Italian culture.


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    Ciao! My name is Massimo and I'm one of the Italian tutors. My name is the Italian version of the Latin name "Maximus", who is the main character in the movie "Gladiator". I was not named after him, so do not worry: our tutoring sessions will not be like being with lions in an arena, quite the opposite. :) I'm from near Bologna -- the Italian city in the North of Italy NOT the cold cut -- and I've been teaching Italian since 2001when in grad school in the USA. I'm looking forward to helping you practice your Italian. Actually, you can start now by reading the Italian translation of what I wrote above (some of it is relatively advanced, so no worries if you do not get all of it):

    Ciao! Mi chiamo Massimo e sono uno dei tutor di italiano. Il mio nome è la versione italiana del nome latino "Maximus", che è il protagonista del film "Il Gladiatore". Non sono stato chiamato Massimo per quel motivo e non vi preoccupate: le nostre sessioni di tutoraggio non saranno come stare con i leoni in un'arena, anzi, tutto il contrario. :) Io sono di un paese vicino a Bologna - la città italiana del Nord d'Italia, non il salume - e ho insegnato italiano dal 2001, quando ero all'universita' negli Stati Uniti. Non vedo l'ora di aiutarvi a praticare il vostro italiano. A presto!
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    Oh, I forgot: since all the languages offered by Living Language are great, and since every tutor rightly brags about the wonders of her/his own languages, let me jump on the bandwagon. By learning Italian you will have access to several thousands years of culture(s).

    As to literature: you will enjoy, among the others, Dante and Macchiavelli (the recognized "Fathers" of the Italian language), Ludovico Ariosto, and the Noble Prizes Giosuè Carducci, Grazia Deledda, Luigi Pirandello, Salvatore Quasimodo, Eugenio Montale, and Dario Fo.

    As to visual arts and architecture, you will be able to better appreciate Michelangelo,
    Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Palladio, and the "new Michelangelo" Renzo Piano.

    And if you are a geek, you will be able to appreciate more the work of scientists like Alessandro Volta (yes, that "volt" in your plug comes from his work/name...); Enrico Fermi, and Guglielmo Marconi (ever used a radio or a cell phone?)

    And should I mention food? You will finally be able to read menus and actually correctly order such food as Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma. More importantly, you will know that if you order a "Martini" in Italy, they actually bring you Vermouth (a very firm, strong, and liquorish wine), made by Martini&Rossi, and NOT the cocktail you enjoy here in the USA.

    So, I am looking forward to helping you to learn Italian so you will be able, one day, to enjoy such a rich culture. Ciao!
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