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Tricky artigos-substantivos

edited May 2014 in Portuguese

Ha uma lista de artigos-substantivos, where the substantivo is seemingly feminino, but its article is masculino, e.g. o mapa. , or v.v.? 

They are tricky!



  • edited June 2014

    Here are some other nouns that do not fall into the o = masculino / a = feminino category.
    o tapa
    o eclipse
    o sanduíche
    o clarinete
    o champanha
    o sósia
    o maracajá
    o clã
    o dia
    o pijama
    o suéter
    o soprano
    o proclama
    o pernoite 

     a dinamite
    a derme
    a hélice
    a omoplata
    a cataplasma
    a pane
    a mascote
    a gênese
    a libido
    a cal
    a faringe
    a cólera (doença)

    You can use your dictionary to look up the words you don't know that way you'll remember them better.
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