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edited July 2014 in Korean
Hi I'm learning the Korean alphabet and having a hard time and then it said on the book for reading and writing pay close attention to the audio but i can find where you listen to it on the cds if you know what part its at please tell me i know it will be much easier for me if  i can hear it . Thank you :)


  • Dear Geminora,
    I hope I understand you correctly. In Lesson 1 of Essential Korean, there is a section title Take It Further 1 : Hangeul and the Korean Alphabet (on page 13-14) which gives examples of words that use the sounds of the Korean alphabet.  You can find the audio on CD1 of your course.  Is that what you need? Please email us at if you need further help.
  • Yes,that's what i needed thank you very much :)
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