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French Listening Practice

edited July 2014 in French
One of the biggest challenges for language-learners comes from growing too comfortable listening to recordings or the instructor in a class, but then missing virtually everything and panicking when it comes to listening to native speakers, or even other learners of the language. For me, some languages are much easier than others -- when I hear the spoken language, it's relatively clear no matter who the speaker is in languages like English (obviously), Japanese, Spanish, Italian... even Russian and Portuguese, and Swedish to an extent. 

But others, like French and German... I struggle a lot with training my ears to hear the sounds properly. So I like to find interesting things to listen to that help get my ears more accustomed to the sounds of the target language as spoken by different speakers. I came across this TedTalks video in French (with subtitles, so you won't miss anything) and it's a very interesting talk as well. 

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