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Struggling with Pronunciation

edited August 2014 in French
Bonjour personnes! I have just finished lecon trois but and I practice my pronunciation of the words I know often mainly using the audio and so far I would say it has given me acceptable pronunciation for the level I am at and how much time I've put into practicing. However, when it comes to new words I only have a vague idea of how to pronounce it. So my question is, how am I suppose to learn how to pronounce words? Do I just continue on learning it through the audio and the words the book exposes me to and through time I will just pick up on how to pronounce the words and learn the accents? Or should I actually find an online resource (either Living Language or an independent one because I have found none on Living Language) that teaches me how to pronounce each letter? 


  • Bonjour Henry! 
    Thanks for your message. Can I ask which of our French courses you're using? I ask because in our Complete Edition, we include a pronunciation guide at the back of all three books. If you are using our online course, though, you would not have access to that. We can perhaps change that but in the meantime, if you're using the online course only, please email us at and we can share this with you. 
    Finally, if you're using the online course, the best tool for improving your pronunciation is etutoring. I've taken sessions with our eTutor Sev myself and he's very vigilant about correcting pronunciation and modeling new words for you.  I think you'll find it very helpful.
    I hope this helps. Bonne courage !

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