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Ordinal Numbers

edited August 2014 in Portuguese
In Portuguese números ordinais, ordinal numbers, or numbers that describe the order or sequence of something agree in gender and number with the nouns.
Ele comprou o quito livro. He bought the fifth book.
Você prefere sentar-se na segunda ou terceira fila? Would you rather sit on the second or third row?
Nós queremos duas das primeiras mesas e quatro dos segundos bancos. We want two the first tables and four of the second benches. 
The abbreviation symbol used is the superscript º.
Eu moro no 24º andar. I live on the 24th floor.
In Portuguese all numbers in a figure are ordinal.
vigésimo terceiro, 23rd
centésimo quinquagésimo quinto, 155th 

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