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Portuguese Irregular Verbs

edited September 2014 in Portuguese

Many irregular verbs in Portuguese correspond to verbs that
are also irregular in English. These are some of the oldest and most commonly
used verbs in everyday communication.

Examples of Portuguese irregular verbs that are also
irregular in English:

darto give

dizer to say

dormirto sleep

estarto be

fazerto make / to do

irto go

lerto read

pôrto put

saberto know

sairto go out / to leave

sentirto feel

serto be

trazerto bring

terto have

verto see

virto come

A good way to remember which verbs are irregular is by
making a list that contains the English translation before the conjugation when
the verbs are irregular in both languages. That way you can remember that ir, to
is irregular in Portuguese as in English.

For example: ir
to goeu vou, você vai, ele/ela vai, nós vamos, vocês vão, eles vão.

Now do the same for the verbs in the list above and you’ll
see that in no time you’ll have these verbs down pat. 

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