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The pronoun te

edited September 2014 in Portuguese
In most regions of Brasil speakers use the subject pronouns eu, você, ele, ela, nós, vocês, eles, elas. In Portugal instead of você, tu is used and the verb must agree accordingly (see more on 
Even though a couple of regions in Brazil still use the subject pronoun tu in informal spoken Portuguese with the verb conjugated in the third person, even in Portugal, the use of tu is decreasing and você has started to  show up more frequently.
The object pronoun te, used with the second person singular tu, however, shows no signs of being replaced. And although it is grammatically incorrect to use te when the verb is in the third person and agrees with você, this is precisely what happens in spoken Portuguese in Brazil. 
So don't correct your love interest when he or she says: eu te amo, instead of eu amo você, I love you
Here are some more examples of te in everyday spoken Portuguese: 
Nós te telefonamos mais tarde. We'll call you later.
Ela te espera no hotel. She'll wait for you at the hotel.
Quem te mandou estas flores? Who sent you these flowers.

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