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Pronouncing "s" in Portuguese

edited September 2014 in Portuguese
There are five different ways to pronounce the consonant s in Brazilian Portuguese depending on where it appears in a word.
1. When s appears between vowels, like in rosa, rose, it sounds like a z.
2. When s comes before a voiced consonant (a consonant sound produced with a vibration of the cords:b, d, ge, gi, j, l, m ,n ,r, v, z), as in esboço, sketch, the s tends to be pronounced like the z in azure.
3. Before a voiceless consonant (a consonant sound produced without a vibration of the vocal cords: hard c, g, f, p, qu, t) and in the final positions, it can be pronounced like the s in see, as in estados, states; or it can sound like the sh in shine in Portugal and in Rio de Janeiro.
4. When s is in initial positions, or after a consonant, it sounds like the s in see, as in sopa, soup.
5. When s comes with another s, it is pronounced like the English ss in passage, passagem, ticket

Can you put the following words in the correct category? The answers are below.
a. Pascoa (Easter) _____
b. assumir (to assume) _____
c. casado (married) _____
d. responder (to answer) _____
e. asma (asthma) _____
Answers: a.3; b.5; c.1; d.2; e. 4; 
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