Who's learning Dothraki?

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I thought it might be appropriate to make a thread where people who have subscribed to the Dothraki lessons can introduce themselves.

I'm ingsve and I'm one of the earliest contributors to dothraki.org which is a site that very early on started gathering all the available information about Dothraki that was released through interviews and video clips. All of this information was gathered in our wiki at wiki.dothraki.org. There is still a lot of information on that site that does not appear in this course so it serves as a great companion to this material.




  • M'ath, Ingsve! Thanks for stopping by; we're glad to have you here. 

    I know that there are some really dedicated learners out there, and many of them are new to the language. The earliest Dothraki fans are a great resource for those wanting to learn Dothraki, and I know you'll have a lot of great advice for anyone who wants to learn!

    And if anyone else has resources to share for learning Dothraki, feel free to post them here.

  • I've just signed on. Got this course via the "box" with the new edition of Game of Thrones (first book.) Am a person who enjoys learning language, but I need a resource of a glossary or dictionary for any course. Is there access to one in Dothraki? If not, anyone know how to find specific words without going through an actual lesson? Am looking to say, "Thank you." Maybe Dothraki doesn't have it. I seem to remember Dany learning that they don't have a "You're welcome."
  • Hi Bethy!
    We've received suggestions from several people about a glossary. One does exist in the book version; we'll see if we can add it to future versions of the online course.
    For now, you can find a note on saying "thank you" in Dothraki here: 
    (You'll have to be logged in to view the above link!)
    Hope this helps, 
  • How to type accents and special characters ( ¿ ¡ ñ ü Ñ á ...)

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