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Preposition: De

edited October 2014 in Portuguese
The Portuguese preposition de (of, from) contracts with the feminine article a to form da and with the masculino article o to form do.
In the sentence eu gosto de pizza, I like pizza, the speaker expresses a general fondness for pizza. If the speaker wants to be specific, he or she can say, for example, eu gosto da pizza que a minha avó faz, I like the pizza my grandmother  makes. Therefore, the preposition de is used when expressing general likes or dislikes or when referring to general nouns. 
Here are some more examples:
Ele anda de bicicleta. He rides a bicycle. 
Ele caiu da bicicleta. He fell off the bicycle.
Você precisa de um selo para o cartão postal? Do you need a stamp for the post-card?
Você precisa do seu passaporte para embarcar. You need your passport to board. 
Also, remember that the preposition de forms contractions with the plural articles as and os to form das and dos.
Alberto vem dos Estados Unidos. Alberto comes from the United States.
Esse present é das minhas amigas, Mônica e Ana. This is gift is from my friends Monica and Ana. 

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