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Informal Expressions in Brazilian Portuguese

edited December 2014 in Portuguese
On lessons one and two of the Living Language Essential Brazilian Portuguese book, you'll find formal and informal expressions to say hello and goodbye in Portuguese. 
Below is a small list with other informal expressions commonly used in Brazil.
E aí? [eh AH ee] What's up? (literally: and there?)
Valeu! [vah leh oo] Thanks! (literally: it was worth it)
Vamos lá! [vah moos LAH] Let's do this! (literally: let's go there)
Falou [fah LOW] Thanks or OK (literally: it's been said)
Nem vem (NEHeinVEHein] Don't bother me or I disagree (literally: don't even come)
Puxa! [POOsha] Wow! (literally: pull)
Nossa! [NOHssah] Wow or Unbelievable (literally: our)
Ah vai! [AH VAHee] No way or yeah, right (literally: ah, go)

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