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Pronunciation of Vowel Combinations in Portuguese

edited February 2015 in Portuguese
Portuguese has many words with two or three vowels such as céu, seu, água, mau, sky, your(s), water and bad respectively.
Here's a list so you can practice how to pronounce these combinations.
vai, you go = ai as in aisle
mau, bad = ou as in out
lei, law = ey as in they
idéia, idea = ay in day
eu, me = ey of they plus u of flute
céu, sky = similar as above but with open e
ia, was going = ya as in yard
fiéisloyal (plural) = ye as in yes
fiel, loyal = similar as above but with closed e
tio, uncle = yo as in yoke
piu, tweet = e plus u of flute
depois, after = oy as in boy
faróis, headlights = similar as above but with open o
vou, I go = ou as in soul
lua, moon = wah, like ua in quadrangle
suéter, sweater = we as in wet
fui, I went = like the u in lute + e
suo, your(s) = u in lute + oh

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