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Ficar - A Flexible Verb

edited March 2015 in Portuguese
The irregular Portuguese verb ficar means to stay, to be (for locations), to become, to get and to remain. It can be used to express continuity with a verb in the gerund, and is a slang term that means to "make out" with someone.
Simple present
eu fico
você fica
ele / ela fica
nós ficamos
vocês ficam
eles / elas ficam
eu fiquei
você ficou
ele/ ela ficou
nós ficamos
vocês ficaram
eles / elas ficaram
Here are some examples of the verb ficar used to express different meanings. Can you match the sentences with the translations? The answers are below.

1. Ontem ele ficou em casa. 
2. A minha casa fica perto daqui. 
3. A atriz ficou rica e famosa. 
4. O gerente fica bravo quando algo dá errado.
5. Os turistas ficaram no Rio durante uma semana. 
6. Ele fica sonhando acordado.
7. Eles ficaram na festa de sexta-feira.
a) Yesterday he stayed at home.
b) The actor became rich and famous.
c) The tourist remained in Rio for a week.
d) They made out at the party on Friday.
e) The manager gets angry when something goes wrong.
f) He's always daydreaming.
g) My house is near here.

Answers: 1-a; 2-g; 3-b; 4-e; 5-c; 6-f; 7-d

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